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Hunter Region Business Enterprise Centre  is proud to present the Hunter Digital Enterprise Program, a two year program of workshops, interactive training and business consultation sessions focussing on the opportunities presented by greater digital presence in preparation for the delivery of high speed internet.

The Digital Enterprise Program is a Commonwealth Government Initiative aimed at positioning Australia as a leading digital economy by 2020. Enhancing digital enterprise capability will be achieved by raising awareness of the digital opportunities available to small and medium businesses brought about by high speed internet based functionality and the increasing use of mobile devices. Positioning the digital business's footprint now, to take advantage of high speed internet, will result in a more competitive, productive and successful outcome in the future.

The Digital Enterprise Hunter Program is aimed at small and medium enterprises (SME) and not for profits (NFP) to help them engage with technology and to develop digital enterprise opportunities. The workshops and training will be delivered by industry leaders, technology experts and extensive use of case studies from the Hunter region.

The Digital Enterprise Hunter Program will deliver Group Workshops and personalised Business Consultations.

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